Supplements. No other word inspires as much simultaneous confusion and controversy among fitness enthusiasts and biohackers. It seems that every other week, scores of supplements move back and forth through the various lists: “must-have,” “highly dangerous,” “banned for competition,” “completely ineffective.” Furthermore, opinions are highly divided on supplements; while many agree that they are an important part of improved health and fitness, still others argue that it’s money quite literally down the drain, and question absorption and bioavailability.

For the last 14 years, I have experimented with literally hundreds of the best supplements, not just for physical fitness and performance, but also for cognitive enhancement, fat loss, better sleep… In all honesty, I’ve scared more than my fair share of curious onlookers with one look at my bathroom cabinet.

So, after extensive experimentation and research, I present to you the best supplements that I’m currently using and finding most effective. While your results may vary (and you should always speak to a health professional before trying any new supplement), these are the substances most likely to impact your health and performance for the better.

2020 Best Health Products
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